DG-1 Emulsifying Engine Degreaser

Powerful Hand Cleaner with a Gentle Edge


DG-1 Emulsifying Engine Degreaser is a powerful fast-acting petroleum based solvent degreaser that removes even the most stubborn soiling with ease.

Ideal for removing grease, engineering oil, grime and dirt from car engine, automotive parts, machinery, concrete flooring, painted flooring, anti-slip floors, ceramic tiles, vinyl and plastic surfaces.

DG-1 penetrates oily surfaces to emulsify grease for easy cleaning with water. Simply spray DG-1 on greasy surface with a pressure gun or sprayer bottle, wait for 3 to 7 minutes and hose clean with water.

Mr Eugene Yoh Meng
Car Workshop Owner


DG1 Engine degreaser is a definate must have items for any car workshop. Oil and grease spills are a daily common occurrence in my workshop and this product quickly cleans those grimes away. It's especially a headache if any of my workers injure themselves while working. 
Thank you for recommending this product Sir!






Since grease and oil are petroleum based product, cleaning them off totally would be impossible. Even with having to waste an enormous amount of water, you would probably find yourself still be slipping and sliding above the thinnly  coated grease often resulting in injury.

the solution

We highly recommend you to use our popular DG-1 Emulsifying engine degreaser. With its fast acting formula, it throughly cuts through grease and grime effectively. Just a few squirts from the bottle, leave it for around 10 mins and wash moderatly with water.

the problem


case study

We recommended them to use the Strile-Kleen3A. We explained to them how the chemical formula for the solution actually kills the bacteria that causes the bad smell. This would in turn provide their workers with a neutral smelling workplace, encourage them to turn up and provide a safer environment for them to do their job properly without public hindrance.