Lulu Hannogreese



LULU Hannogreese is a heavy-duty hand cleanser. It is a non-abrasive paste, formulated in Australia, which acts like tiny scrubbing brushes removing the toughest soiling. It effectively removes oil, grease, diesel, paints, tar, carbon and most other soiling.

This waterless hand cleaner contains 'LULU Steri-Kleen 3A' germicides and antiseptic with lanolin, which is soft on hands preventing:


- Cracking, chapping and drying
- Industrial Dermatitis
- Skin infections


LULU Hannogreese is highly economical. Rub a small amount into your hands for fast deep cleaning action and simply rinse or wipe off with a tissue or cotton cloth with no residue.


case study

fastron sdn. bhd.

Eastern art printing

Hannogreese product clients range from ink suppliers,  car workshop owners and even oil rig platfom workers. Due to its unique waterless cleansing feature, it's convenient for those who have difficulty accessing water for cleansing. We are also the main supplier to Quantan.



the problem

Grease is an effective solution to lessen wear and tear between bearings, machines and metal works but it is a pain to get rid off. Washing them off would require a lot of water wastage, increase in utility bills and loss in profit.


Places like the off-shore oil rig becomes a problem when it comes to cleaning these grease off due to the lack of disposable water in their immediate surrounding.

the solution

Our Hannogreese is a viable cleaning product that uses zero water to clean the stubborn grease off. Applying a small sum on the hand is 10x more effective than using water.

Workplaces that has no immediate cleaning point may greatly benefit from this feature.


" This is a wonderful product to have when water is not around to clean our hands. Love added linolin. Really helps to prevent those painful hand cracking. Will definitely recommend anyone that's in the same situation as I was.  Thanks Lulu!"

M Leong 
Offshore Oil Rig Supervisor